General Terms and Conditions of Use

A- Preamble

  1. The website « DE BOUCHE À OREILLE » which can be accessed on the following link: publishes general information to those who visit it.
  2. Information diffused on this website solely aims to compile and present general information on Speech Therapy. Regardless of the reasons underlying the use of information contained in the website, such information may, under no circumstances, be considered as the equivalent of information gained during a speech therapy consultation or as being of the same nature of such consultation. This information does in no means constitute a consultation given in a professional context or in any other context nor does it constitute a reference in the given field.
  3. All the information contained in this site are merely informative and such information does not substitute a medical and/or professional advice. The site’s user remains under the obligation of asking for advice from their doctor or any health expert that is qualified to answer any question related to a health problem.
  4. The owner of the website « DE BOUCHE À OREILLE » which can be accessed on the following link: cannot, at any moment, be held liable neither for the information and data published on this site nor for the consequences arising from the use of such information and data whichever their nature may be.


B- Liabilities of the website “DE BOUCHE À OREILLE” and its owner 


Notwithstanding the care and attention paid to the content, « DE BOUCHE À OREILLE » which can be accessed on the following link: as well as its owner cannot be held liable for the following:

  1. The quality of the service related to the website; the service being offered “as is”;
  2. The content of the information appearing in content of the information contained in the technical sheets, documents, texts and videos, which are not of a contractual form, are communicated in a general manner and are subject to errors;
  3. The accuracy, completeness and/or timeliness of the information published on this site; such information being merely indicative;
  4. The disruption of the use of the site or the inability to use the site and/or one or more of the services included therein;
  5. Computer security breaches, which may cause damage to user data;
  6. Infringement of user rights by third parties, including other users, in general;
  7. Infringement of copyrights whichever they may be and whatever their nature;
  8. Data protection breaches on the Internet;
  9. Information, services and/or edited content as well as offers made by third parties and made accessible on this site by means of hypertext links and hyperlinks that the website “DE BOUCHE À OREILLE” accessible at the address: and its owner do not control or guarantee.


C- Liabilities of the website’s users

  1. As the information provided on the website “DE BOUCHE A OREILLE” which is accessible at the address: is only informative and indicative, it is the user's responsibility to seek advice from third parties of his choice before making any decision based on the aforementioned information, in particular, in order to ensure its relevance to his personal situation. The information found on this site cannot replace the relationship that exists between the patient (or visitor to the site) and the healthcare professional (doctor, pharmacist, speech therapist, physiotherapist, etc.).
  2. As such, the user is the only one responsible for the information he communicates on this site.
  3. The user is required not to misrepresent his identity or that of other users.
  4. Any distribution or exchange of content which is pornographic, violent, discriminatory, defamatory, xenophobic, contrary to public order and/or morality and/or to the rights of third parties is prohibited on the site.
  5. The user undertakes to use the services of the site as well as all the information to which he may have access only for personal reasons and for information, for a purpose in accordance with public order, good morals and with the rights of third parties.
  6. The user is responsible for any content that he disseminates online and that is contrary to the intellectual property rights of a third person.
  7. The user undertakes not to disrupt the usage that could be made by other users, not to access third-party user accounts and not to access parts of the site to which access could be reserved.
  8. The user undertakes not to commit any act that could jeopardize the cybersecurity of the website “DE BOUCHE A OREILLE” accessible at the address: or other users.
  9. The user undertakes not to interfere with or interrupt the normal functioning of the site.
  10. The user undertakes not to commit any act for commercial, political, publicity reasons and any form of commercial solicitation and particularly through sending unsolicited e-mails.
  11. The user undertakes not to collect, use or carry out any processing of the personal data of other users.
  12. The creation of hypertext links to this site is subject to the written authorization of the website “DE BOUCHE À OREILLE” accessible at the address: and its owner and remains under the exclusive responsibility of the user.
  13. The user undertakes to indemnify the website “DE BOUCHE À OREILLE” accessible at the address:, as well as its owner, directors, employees and other agents in the event of a complaint, action , prosecution, conviction of the latter resulting from non-compliance with the conditions of use by the user mentioned above or non-compliance with applicable laws in this regard.


D- Intellectual Property - Copyright

  1. The items belonging to the website “DE BOUCHE A OREILLE” accessible at the address: (or to its owner) such as websites, brands, designs, models, images , texts, photos, logos, graphic charters, software, search engines, databases (taking into account that this list is not exhaustive), are its exclusive property or that of its beneficiaries.
  2. The present general conditions do not imply any transfer of any kind of intellectual property rights regarding the elements belonging to the website "DE BOUCHE À OREILLE" accessible at the address: or to its beneficiaries for the benefit of the user.
  3. Any use or reproduction, even if only partial, of one of the elements of the site within another site, made by any means whatsoever, is strictly prohibited.
  4. Reproductions for commercial or advertising purposes are not authorized without the express written consent of the website “DE BOUCHE A OREILLE” accessible at the address:, as well as that of its owner or of its beneficiaries.


No uploading of the site by a third party under another URL is permitted.