Clinical psychologists work to identify emotional, mental, and behavioral problems or disorders that their patients might present with. The first step is using observation, interviews and evaluation to put in place a treatment program in accordance with the patient and his needs. Monitoring the patient’s progress on a regular basis is an essential part of a psychologist’s work as it aims to ensure their needs are met and to adjust therapy goals when necessary.

At De Bouche à Oreille, our licensed clinical psychologists deal with a wide range of mental health problems and developmental disorders in children and adolescents.

  • Mental Health problems: 
    • Anxiety
    • Addiction
    • Depression
    • Bullying
    • Relation problems
    • Eating disorders
    • Self-injurious behavior
    • Suicidality
    • School refusal
    • Behavior problems
  • Developmental disorders:
    • Autism Spectrum Disorders and Pervasive Developmental Disorders
    • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    • Intellectual Developmental Disorders
    • Language and learning disorders

Our psychologists are ready to provide you with a comprehensive assessment of IQ and attention. They also offer parental guidance to support parents who are struggling with a variety of parenting difficulties, such as:
  • Discipline difficulties
  • Communication difficulties between parent and child
  • Parental divorce or separation
  • Difficult developmental stages such as toddlerhood/adolescence
  • Difficulties bonding with children
They work with parents to find the best ways to deal with their child and to promote their development in the short and long terms. Parental guiding sessions are implemented with parents and might include participation of the child.
We also provide co-parenting coaching for divorced family couples.