Vocal Coaching

Voice assessment and vocal technique sessions are very helpful to all voice professionals, as well as amateurs. If you are a singer, a chorister, a comedian, or even someone with a career that requires frequent use of your voice, then these sessions will meet your expectations.

Our voice specialist and vocal coach, Stephanie Younes, is one of our Speech and Language Pathologists and will offer you a unique perspective on vocal coaching. Her approach was refined thanks to the multiple trainings that she undertook in Europe and the United States, revolving around the rehabilitation of the pathological voice in singers. Her specialization in the singing voice alongside many professional singers and instructors also helped shape her expertise. Today, Stephanie is a certified Vocal Coach by the internationally renowned instructor, Justin Stoney of New York Vocal Coaching, with whom she is in tight collaboration. Her passion and experience in music and singing, stage performance and voice science, inspire her approach in which she offers a combination of art and science.

The singing lessons and vocal coaching sessions that we offer mainly target the mastering of the vocal gesture. Each session and exercise we suggest will be specifically designed for each individual. The first meeting will allow us to evaluate your vocal abilities, to discuss your wishes, your goals and maybe even your past challenges, in the aims of elaborating an individualized intervention plan that will meet your needs. Through our voice sessions, you will:

  • Eliminate vocal fatigue.
  • Take good care of your voice by using warm up and vocal recovery exercises.
  • Develop your vocal potential and learn to project your voice.
  • Expand your vocal register.
  • Reach higher musical notes without forcing your voice.
  • Work on vocal flexibility to allow you to switch from one register to another with ease.
  • Master “mixed voice” by learning the “belting” technique and other modern singing techniques (example: the twang).
  • Adopt the peculiarities of the different musical and vocal stylistic techniques (pop, rock, soul, jazz, lyrical, musicals, etc.).
  • Gain confidence and get well prepared for your performances, auditions, recording sessions (choosing the right song and style, working on your microphone technique and song interpretation, etc.).